Friday, October 24, 2014

GIFT GUIDE :: Edgy Fashionista

I know it's not even Halloween yet, but this week as I checked off a few more items from my Holiday shopping list, I realized others might be shopping earlier this year too! So with that in mind I am publishing my first of weekly 'Gift Guides' for the different personalities on your shopping list!

Today's gift guide is for the edgy, yet girly-girl, fashion conscience individual on your list. She loves the classics but equally loves forging her own style. She's different yet familiar in all the right ways.
The best thing about this gift guide? Everything is $50 and under!

After Midnight Sleep Mask via the Sleepy Cottage $14, Lady Face slippers via Helen Hill $50, Caviar Stud Pearl earrings via Fl(h)air Accessories $15, Powder Blue Bow tie duster via One-Two-Two $49, Rock Stud vegan leather handbag via ILB $31

With Love, Rachel

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My F/W14 Musts List

Every year the fashion magazines and runways tell us what's 'in' for the seasons ahead. Every year I disagree. I honestly never know what sort of mood I'll be in 6 months from now (who does?!). So this is my 'at the moment' mood board comprising of all the things in my wardrobe rotation since September till whenever I darn well feel like changing my mind.

Rachel's F/W14 Wardrobe Musts

{All images via THIS Pinterest board}

1. Quilted leathers (flats + bags)
2. Faux leather panel leggings (comfier than real leather to me)
3. Real and faux brown, gray and black fur vests
4. Studded accent nails remind me of scales or lizard skin

leggings, blouses and cocktail dresses (especially if they're matte sequins)

1. Lips (such as NYX 'Transylvania')
2. Nails (such as OPI 'Skating on Thin Iceland' )
3. In patterns (such as tartans and plaids)
4. Sweaters (thin or chunky knits)

I've also been loving monochromatic looks from head to toe in gray or black

Lately tartan has been getting on my nerves with the slave like following to blanket scarves. I found some awesome new ways to wear tartan by raiding the men's section at my favourite thrift stores! Specifically pants and blazers.

What's your mood been like this season? Does it fall in line with the current trends or do you completely plow your own fashion path? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!

With Love, Rachel

Friday, October 17, 2014


The day has finally arrived! Today I'm sharing a much anticipated brand ambassador collaboration with one of my favourite Etsy shops, OhLaLaAli. Sweet Ali Weber, creative master mind and owner of OhLaLaAli is here to fulfill all your monogram needs, wants and fantasies! Her Etsy boutique is filled to overflowing with chic, sparkly and preppy decals, gifts, sweatshirts, tank tops and more! It's your one-stop shop for stocking stuffers and birthday gifts this season.
Below I've included snapshots of my favourite goodies from Ali's shop as well as a coupon code you can use to purchase some of your own! Make sure to read to the end of the post because we have a surprise for our Instagram followers as well!
Glitter vine monogram sweatshirt by #OhLaLaAli on Etsy

The oversized, ultra soft monogram sweatshirt is an instant classic. The black and gold combo seriously goes with everything in my closet! I pair it with vests, collared button downs layered underneath, skinny jeans, leather leggings, flats and booties. You could even wear it tucked into your favourite tulle party skirt with pumps for parties.

Glitter Vine Monogram Sweatshirt styled by Rachel of #GlitterAndBow blog

Gold Glitter Vine monogram sweatshirt by #OhLaLaAli on Etsy

Enjoy! gold sequin hanger x black sweatshirt x fur vest

Branding for #OhLaLaAli on Etsy

I had to add a little note about Ali's packaging! I always say a product is only as awesome as it's packaging which makes Ali's goodies out of this world! She tucks custom cutouts, sweet hand written notes, hand stamped envelops, and lots of colorful, sparkly confetti into each and every order.

Branding | @OhLaLaAli

Make sure you take a few moments to follow Ali on her social media accounts so you'll be notified of her newest products, flash sales, giveaways and coupon codes!

Circle monogram nail decals by @OhLaLaAli on Etsy!

My second favourite item in Ali's boutique are these micro nail decals! This one is just the right size to spice up your 'accent nail'. A cute way to use these would be to order a sheet for your bridesmaids, or as party favors for an all-girl sleepover! You could have a mani/pedi station in the living room and surprise your guests with their own nail swag after you're done painting!

Travel Essentials via blog

And last, but not least, I love these large interlocking vine decals. I use mine to decorate my travel envelope. My passport, boarding pass, International Driver's license and other important travel necessities go in a transparent envelope pouch from Staples. 

Details via blog

Branding | @OhLaLaAli Instagram

Ready to do a little online shopping at Ali's boutique yet?! 
Take 10% off your order of $5 or more through Halloween (October 31st 2014) with code 'RACHEL' at checkout.

Now for that surprise I promised! 

Ali has generously opted to give away a personalized 4" glitter bow decal to one of our awesome Instagram fans! All you have to do is share the image below via Instagram and follow the re-post instructions for a chance to win!
Winner will be chosen at random and announced via Instagram on the Saturday after Halloween.

Instagram Monogram Decal Giveaway! Simply save this image and follow re-post instructions to enter for a chance to win!

Good luck!

With Love, Rachel

*This post is sponsored by OhLaLaAli of Etsy*

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Real vs. Steal

Real Vs. Steal :: High Fashion find for less than half the price!

I'm all for splurging a bit on a nice handbag or pair of shoes... but let's be realistic... Even if I had millions to burn I'd feel guilty spending thousands of dollars on such materialistic things. Think of all the medicine, shoes, and clothes just one callier de chien cuff could buy for a child in an underdeveloped country. *getting off my soapbox now*

My aversion to spending copious amounts of money on fleeting objects does not mean of course that I do not admire these style and designs. I'm often want to drool over the timeless elegance of the Cartier Love bangle or the sleek lines of a Celine tote. The prices of these items does not at all keep me from sporting the latest and most fashionable looks! I simply am a bit more creative when it comes to finding items that 'look' very similar to their high fashion inspiration. 

That being said, I want to be very clear that I do not in any way condone the manufacturing or purchasing of knock-offs which bear the logo of the item they are emulating. That logo emblems of Hermes, Cartier, Celine, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Louboutin, Givenchy, etc. are all the sole property of those companies and should not be stamped, drawn, stitched or otherwise, onto an item that was not created by the company. I have never purchased a knock-off and I never will.

There are hundreds of companies and designers who create similar 'look a like' accessories that are inspired by the greats, and those are the ones I'll be discussing today. Below you will find links to gorgeous and affordable versions of items worn by your favourite celebs. These are places I've purchased from and can personally attest to the impressive quality of materials used for the amazingly low prices. See, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Real Vs. Steal :: High Fashion find for less than half the price!
Faux Fur Vest Ebay (DKNY)
available in black, gray, white and tan

Rockstud Dog cuff Ebay (Hermes)
available in colors shown and silver or gold hardware

Round sunglasses Baginc (Prada)
available in black, milk, faux tortoise shell and red

Faux Leather pants H&M (Helmut Lang)
available in black or silver

Love Screw bracelet Ebay (Cartier)
available in gold, rose gold and silver w/ or w/o rhinestones

Nail Wrap bracelet Ebay (Cartier)
available in gold, rose gold and silver

Tan Lana bag Bacinc (Celine)
Black Vanessa Tote Baginc (Celine)

Rottweiler Clutch Ebay (Givenchy)
size available slightly larger than the iPad 2/3/Air

Real Vs. Steal :: High Fashion find for less than half the price!

Happy shopping! Leave your thoughts and comments below or links to your favourite celebrity / designer inspired fashion!
With Love, Rachel