Sequin Monogram Giveaway Collaboration

 Hello loves! It's Valentine's Day SEASON! yes, season. This is my favorite holiday out of the entire year. While some of you may argue that it's not a 'real' holiday I'm sure we can all agree that sequins, monograms and giveaways are appropriate any time of the year! I've teamed up with the stylish Ashley from Sparkle Sense to bring you a gorgeously styled photo shoot featuring the giveaway prize!

Tell me you wouldn't have wanted to attend this luncheon?!

The giveaway prize is your choice of any letter (A-Z) liberally covered in sparkling gold sequins!

As you can see this decor item can be used to add that perfect sparkly touch to your party vignette.

If you would like a chance to win a glittery sequin monogram letter of your own enter via the widget below. You can enter the first option only or, for more chances, enter all the options! Best of luck!

Stay Sparkly! xoRachel


The B Bar January Link Up // Invaluable Purchase of 2014

Today's post is a link up hosted by The B Bar asking the tough-to-answer question; What did you purchase in the past year 
that became invaluable to you?

This is the first link-up I've ever participated in and the reason I chose it is because of the amazing reach The B Bar has. I knew a lot of amazing bloggers would link up to this and that they would have great insight to share... Maybe their 'something invaluable' could become YOUR best purchase of 2015! To see the other blog posts linked up scroll to the end of this article.

Now for my Invaluable Purchase of 2014: La Petite Fashionista's Social Media With Style, 4-week e-course. Lauren, the course instructor and content writer, is not paying me for this review, (she doesn't know I'm writing about this today!) so please know it's sincere and 100% my own opinion.

There is no exaggeration when I tell you Social Media With Style is the BEST decision I made for my blog in 2014. I was awash in a cyber sea of circles, not really knowing how to build the brand or social media reach I craved. It's not that I want attention... But G&B was created for women like me... who know the REAL thrill of answering the question, "Where did you get that? It's fabulous!" isn't the answer, "It's designer," but, "I made it!" Anybody can swipe a credit card, but it takes a brave soul to make something amazing from seeming trash. That is why I wanted people to know about G&B. I wanted to share with them my DIY discoveries!

Social Media With Style showed me how to do that. This is what I mean: The first day I logged in to class in September 2014 I had between 8k and 9k monthly page views on this blog. Today I have an average of 21k+ and that number is still steadily growing. I now average over 1k views per day even on my least busy days! I also average 50-80+ new followers on Pinterest every day. Crazy, right?
Lauren shows you how to get a realistic handle on your social media and making your blog a better place on the internet in general. Before SMWS I would only log onto my blog to write posts (maybe 1-2 times a week). Now I log into my blog at minimum once daily (and post a minimum of every other day) to enjoy the work I've created... It's a place even I want to hang out! I'm getting amazing conversations started in the comment section, answering questions, bouncing ideas off readers and fellow bloggers. It's what I always dreamed of.

If you're a blogger who is ready to take a hobby into something that could possibly one day be a career Social Media With Style is the place to start. This e-course not only gives you the tools but the confidence to blog and know what you have to share is worth asking people to read, pin, re-tweet, share, comment on, and like.

The course is 4 weeks long with gorgeous .pdf work sheets and course materials e-mailed to you at the beginning of each week. You can work through the material at your own speed. However, if you follow along with the course and do the suggested tasks each day you will see the growth I did, and possibly more, by the time the course is over.

The best part about SMWS though will be your fellow classmates. I never met a more sincere, helpful, uplifting group of women in my life. We would discuss class work and tasks in a private Facebook group that Lauren sets up and adds you to when you sign up for the course. I am not lying when I tell you we all still chat on the group almost EVERY DAY. Can you imagine? Having a support system 24/7? It's pretty awesome.

Okay, have I sold you on this yet? Seriously, sign up for the next class date. You will NOT regret it!

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Stay Sparkly! xoRachel


Real vs. Steal // Valentine's Day Edition

Hello dolls! Today's REAL vs. STEAL finds create the perfect, feminine Valentine's Date outfit for well under $200. Get the exact look below for a fraction of the designer retail price with my thrifty online finds!
Scroll below the image to get links to all the pieces shown for the frugally fashionable woman ^_^

REAL vs. STEAL // Frugally Fashionable Valentine's Day outfit for under $200!

Tribal Stud Faux Pearl Earrings // $10 eBay
Lace Detail Crop Top // $7 eBay
Faux Fur Crop Vest // $18 eBay
Red Leather Handbag // $109 BagInc.
Tulle Skirt // $11 eBay
PU Leather Stud Flats // $15 eBay

Stay Sparkly! xoRachel